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The time to establish your moving budget has finally sounded … Are you shaking in advance at the idea of ​​a too salty addition? Do not panic! From upstream sorting to a participatory or solo move, there are many solutions to move cheaper. Demonstration!

Participatory Or Solo Moving: Variable Savings

The participative move, or collaborative move, save up to 50% compared to progress made entirely by professionals. It is based on a simple principle: you use a participative moving company, as well as your relatives. They give you a hand on D-Day, for loading and unloading. The company completes your team if needed, and provides driver, truck and packing material.

Have you decided to opt for a “100% home-made” move? Attention, in some cases, the recipe may be less economical than expected. Plan well in your budget the costs related to the rental of the vehicle, any tolls, the purchase of packaging supplies and accommodation in case of long distances.

Saving Money By Moving With A Specialized Company Is Possible!

By appealing to a professional moving company, you avoid the stress of having to deal with complex logistics … and back pain after wearing your sofa! This comfort, however, has a price, which sometimes varies from simple to triple depending on the companies and services chosen. But good news: it is quite possible to save money by moving with professionals. Most of these offer economic formulas, including merely taking care of your goods and their transport to your new address. On average, by opting for the economic level, you will need about £1,300 for the move of a housing of 100 m2 in the same city. The best way to make sure you get a fair quote is to contact several moving services to quote you house move. This way you you can match up all the quote to see what company suits you best.

Some criteria may lower the estimate of a professional: the presence of elevator or accommodation on the ground floor, the choice of a group move, the absence of bulky furniture (piano style), or the season where you are moving (rates sometimes increase during the summer).

Good to know: in all cases, the less you have goods to transport, the less expensive your move … Do not hesitate to do a significant sorting of your business before your departure, and sell some furniture if you come back too costly to carry. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy furniture on the spot!